Moving House

“Capture Adventure” has been changed and moved to it’s new home as Away from Origin. Check out all updates about my life and travels there. Advertisements

Under Construction

As you might have noticed, my pictures have up and disappeared. Photobucket changed their photo sharing policy without prior notification, so I am currently in the process of relocating my pictures and redoing the links for each post.

Conquering Fuji

At the end of August last year–only about a month after I packed up my entire life and moved to a c ompletely different country–I decided to complete another, yet much simpler, life experience. I climbed Mt. Fuji. Now, I know. Some might say that climbing Mt. Fuji is child’s play compared to other mountain … More Conquering Fuji

Settling into Fukui

As evidenced by my lack of posting, settling into Fukui has been busy, previously plagued with a lack of reliable home internet (le sigh), and full of impromptu adventures. Fukui City is a small city that can be described as more of a large town as the feeling you get when living here is just … More Settling into Fukui

Light Up Your Life – Tsuruga Miraie Illumination 2016

Merry Christmas! I spent the first few days of my Christmas/winter break holiday weekend visiting some great cultural aspects of Fukui. After recovering from our respective bonenkais (Forgetting the Year work parties) on Thursday, a friend and I decided to drive down to Tsuruga and see the illumination on Friday. Seeing as how Fukui prefecture … More Light Up Your Life – Tsuruga Miraie Illumination 2016

Under Construction

Currently, Capture Adventure is under construction due to some pretty awesome life changes that I will be unveiling at the end of this summer. I’ve dropped the ball on posting about my travels (i.e., Switzerland, France, and the rest of my time in Japan), but hopefully now that I’m no longer a student, I can … More Under Construction

Clubbing In Tokyo

I have to say that I’ve had my fair share of clubbing experiences in Japan to warrant a post just on this topic. La Sudada (April 17) A friend and I decided to go to a Salsa club in Roppongi called La Sudada (me being an avid Salsa-lover and all). La Sudada was ¥1000 ($10) … More Clubbing In Tokyo