Exploring Japan: Kamakura

Taken from my Instagram.

During my last week in Japan I went on a day-trip to Kamakura. Weeks before I had planned to squish in every possible travel opportunity that I could think of that was close to the Tokyo area and luckily many beaches are only an hour’s train ride away.

Donning comfortable gear for a day full of walking and short, mild hikes, a friend and I took the afternoon train to Kamakura Station. As the scenery of Japan whipped past on the other side of the train window, it was clear that the landscape was moving from urban to suburb with a little country mixed in between. Leaving Kamakura Station was like a completely different world as we stepped into a small town that looked a little old and sleepy, but definitely catered to tourists.

First on our itinerary was the Great Buddha.

Kamakura_Great Buddha
Taken from my Instagram.

After seeing the Great Buddha, we walked to a shrine down the street that had beautiful mountain views over the town and a look onto the beach and sea.

Taken from my Instagram.

Finally, after a failed trip to see a temple with a bamboo forest, my friend and I decided to grab lunch before heading to the beach. Before finding a restaurant, we stumbled upon a place that sold flavored mochi in which I was able to taste a delicious apple pie mochi. After some searching and traveling up the same street, we found an unassuming Curry restaurant located down one of the side streets off the main street that played a constant old American R&B classics. If anyone ever stumbles upon the restaurant then I’d recommend the Beef Hayashi Rice (ビーフハヤシライス).

Beef Hayashi Rice (ビーフハヤシライス)
Taken from my Instagram.
Taken from my Instagram.

The Kamakura beach was similar to beaches that one would see in Japanese movies and drama with small restaurants built on the beach and groups of teenagers and families playing together and yelling in the sand. With the sound of a group of rowdy boys in the background, my friend and I witnessed a beautiful sunset over the beach and I was able to snap and awesome picture of the moon.

Our Kamakura adventure concluded with a long and sleepy train ride home back to Tokyo.


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