A Weekend in Paris: Part 2



Picking up from where I left off in Part 1, the girls and I headed to the Louvre to see it and all its glory in the foggy haze of a misty Parisian night. We walked our way around to the back to take pictures of the iconic triangles and then walked up the street to stumble upon a large ferris wheel.

Little did we know, we should have reconsidered the ferris wheel idea. As we passed the climax of the wheel and rounded down to the exit, a freak and strong windy and rainy storm hit us. On one hand, the experience was hilarious. On the other hand, the experience was slightly terrifying as the carriage swayed and creaked and we were pelted with rain. We swayed in the air for what felt like eternity even though it was probably only 5 minutes before we came down to the exit.





The storm was not over though. We scrambled to find cover in the stores of some of the tourist shops behind the ferris wheel. I decided to buy a cheap umbrella, and one of the other girls decided to buy a pancho. Let me just say that both were bad ideas.

The pancho ripped fresh out of the packaging and a short walk through the storm was too much for the umbrella as it basically ripped into a metal mess. It’s safe to say that the Parisian locals were laughing at us as we struggled to walk through the storm and get to the Eiffel Tower before the last light show. We were a wet mess gigging our way through the streets at night and trying to decide if we should give up and call a taxi our trek on. There were many pep-talks that night. (Unfortunately, no pictures of these events are available. T.T I guess what happens in Paris, stays in Paris, eh?)



As the Eiffel Tower came into sight, the rain finally stopped. By thattime, it was almost midnight. We were able to get up close and personal with a few other brave souls and arrived just in time for the last show.

As the Eiffel Tower glittered in front of us, the events of the whole day were definitely moments to remember.

It all was totally worth it.


W/N: Capture Adventure is no longer under construction, and updates are estimated to be weekly.


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