Life Events: JET Program

From Shinjuku, With Love
From Shinjuku, With Love

Judging by my Instagram, it’s clear that some big life things have happened–aka a massive change of scenery. Between graduation and getting in to the JET Program (!), life has been nothing but changes.

As many others who have come before me on the JET Program have noted, the process is long and time consuming in the since that there is the application period that includes extended wait times. Around the end of April, I was emailed my short-list status (acceptance), and then in May I was emailed my placement.

On my application, I had first put Urban because I consider myself to be a city-girl; however, before my final submission, I switched to Semi-Urban, which in hindsight, I would have realized that meant Semi-Rural. Face, meet palm.

Excuse the blurriness--it was a rough night of jet-lag (pun not intended).
Excuse the blurriness–it was a rough night of jet-lag (pun not intended).

Fast-forward to now, I have been through Tokyo Orientation, and was placed in Fukui Prefecture as a Prefectural ALT, and later placed further in Fukui City. Fukui prefecture is definitely a rural prefecture, 42 out of 47 of the least populated prefectures, and Fukui City itself is a semi-urban (suburban)/semi-rural prefecture with a population of almost 300,000 people. Despite the hiccup I mentioned above, I now work at one Junior High School in Fukui City.

Fukui prefecture is on the western coast of Japan and hugs the Sea of Japan. It’s a prefecture famous for it’s high quality of life and emphasis on English education.

And just in case you don’t know where Fukui is, here’s a map for your viewing pleasure:

Map with Fukui

If you have a question about the JET Program, feel free to comment and ask!


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