Light Up Your Life – Tsuruga Miraie Illumination 2016

Miraie Illumination 2016

Merry Christmas!

I spent the first few days of my Christmas/winter break holiday weekend visiting some great cultural aspects of Fukui.

After recovering from our respective bonenkais (Forgetting the Year work parties) on Thursday, a friend and I decided to drive down to Tsuruga and see the illumination on Friday. Seeing as how Fukui prefecture is pretty inaka (countryside)–and I say this lovingly now, the illumination was very small. It was much smaller than we expected even when we took note of being in Fukui.

Tsuruga Coast
choppy waves

Although it probably doesn’t compare to many of the big-hitter illuminations, it was beautiful in it’s own right. Also, the weather on Friday was like a mini-typhoon so being right on the coast was like being a rag-doll in a whirlpool. Seeing the illumination was definitely a moment to remember.

The illumination this year was held at the Kanegasaki Green Area, a sort of park right on the coast of Tsuruga. It included a nice walk through tunnel with blue lighting, a light installment made by three local elementary schools, and various other lights displays.

Illuminated Tunnel
I would say the best parts of the illumination was the tunnel and the light installment. The blue tunnel casted the rain-washed ground in a shiny fluorescent and soft blue light that made you feel like you were walking through another dimension even though the wind was swirling around outside the tunnel.

The cute little light installments swirled and clattered in the wind, but contrasted the pitch-black sky with its yellowish light. Safe to say that despite its small size, the illumination was definitely Instagram worthy!


Light Installation
These reminded me of the elementary schoolers I teach!

Illuminated Train  Light Trees Cinderella's pumpkin?

I don’t know if I would go back again, but I do recommend going if you somehow find yourself in Fukui around November to Christmas day.





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