Conquering Fuji

At the end of August last year–only about a month after I packed up my entire life and moved to a c ompletely different country–I decided to complete another, yet much simpler, life experience. I climbed Mt. Fuji. Now, I know. Some might say that climbing Mt. Fuji is child’s play compared to other mountain … More Conquering Fuji

Settling into Fukui

As evidenced by my lack of posting, settling into Fukui has been busy, previously plagued with a lack of reliable home internet (le sigh), and full of impromptu adventures. Fukui City is a small city that can be described as more of a large town as the feeling you get when living here is just … More Settling into Fukui

Light Up Your Life – Tsuruga Miraie Illumination 2016

Merry Christmas! I spent the first few days of my Christmas/winter break holiday weekend visiting some great cultural aspects of Fukui. After recovering from our respective bonenkais (Forgetting the Year work parties) on Thursday, a friend and I decided to drive down to Tsuruga and see the illumination on Friday. Seeing as how Fukui prefecture … More Light Up Your Life – Tsuruga Miraie Illumination 2016